Invited Speaker

  1. Callaghan, W. (2017). Fighting Cybercrime: A Joint Task Force of Real Time Data and Human Analytics. Presented at the Databricks Spark Summit East Conference, Boston, MA. More Info  Video


Workshop Papers

  1. Schaekermann, M., Law, E., Williams, A. C., & Callaghan, W. (2016). Resolvable vs. Irresolvable Ambiguity: A New Hybrid Framework for Dealing with Uncertain Ground Truth. In 1st Workshop on Human-Centered Machine Learning at SIGCHI 2016. San Jose, CA. PDF

  2. Williams, A. C., Bradshaw, J., Schaekermann, M., Tse, T., Callaghan, W., & Law, E. (2016). The Big Picture: Preserving Context in the Decomposition of Complex Expert Tasks. In 1st Workshop on Microproductivity at SIGCHI 2016. San Jose, CA. PDF